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A career that has been passed down through generations since 1959. From the beginning, the Foundation believed in its role in community service. It was concerned with employment, especially appreciating the role of women at work, a better healthy future, and developing the work cycle in the field of food industries; With determination and ability, we play a positive role in society towards a better healthy future

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- In Damietta, the trade exchange between it and the Levant began, and as is the custom of the Arabs, the generosity of hospitality, so they became famous for their sweets until the Levantine sweets and the Damietta sweets became among the most famous Arab sweets, and the profession of making sweets became famous in Damietta, a profession that was inherited through generations.

It was a family and one of those families that was famous for making sweets, and passed it down through the generations, and what distinguished it was its passion for development and the use of the latest methods of manufacturing and healthy nutrition. The raw materials were used carefully, and in manufacturing, appropriate standards of health were taken into account, such as the use of less sugar, and the family was keen to employ workers as a fight against the problem of unemployment